Urban Rooftop Farming for a more sustainable world - Lending Amazings art to meaningful projects

Climate change is threatening the world as we know it. This challenge needs to be tackled in a way that is sustainable to the people, the planet, and the economy. One part of the solution is producing food within cities - urban agriculture.

This summer, Navaz BilimoriaYanaika Denoyelle, and Alexander Nguyen did a fellowship at Sustainable Partners Inc, researching urban agriculture in general, and urban rooftop farming specifically. They found that urban rooftop farms can have a range of environmental, social, economic, and political benefits.

To really unlock these opportunities benefits though, all projects should be informed by a multidisciplinary analysis that considers the environmental, social, economic and political aspects in the local context.

So how do we make these sustainable farms common in a way that they achieve their full potential? The first step is the formation of local coalitions that include businesses, environmental experts, and representatives of the neighborhood. Amazings is proud to lend their art to this project, helping to communicate these findings! 

Want to know more? Check out the videos below or you can read the full paper here.

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