How do you store your LEGO bricks?

LEGO bricks are available in thousands of types, shapes and colors. You’ve probably had the same dilemma time and time again: do I sort my bricks per color, or per type ? 

Sorting per color, type or function? 

It all depends on what you like to build. We at Amazings are mainly building art and fine art. So usually we need a limited number of colors. That is why we chose to sort our bricks per color first, and then per type.

How to: sort your LEGO bricks making sceneries

But if you are into making sceneries, you might find easier to sort your bricks per type: all 1x2’s in one bin, all minifigure heads in another, and so on.

In the end, we at Amazings came up with a compromise. 

Standard bricks – basically anything you use for actual building – are sorted per color first. So we have these blue trays with all 1x1 to 1x4’s; then 1x6 to 1x16’s, then 2x2’s to 2x10’s and so on. We do the same for hinges, roof tiles, flat tiles, anything that is “round” … and so on. 

Storing accessories 

But as soon as you talk about minfig accessories, we range them per type – and more and more we just put any colour in the mix. This is the case for plants, animals and a wide variety of minifigs.

Key is: know your system !

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