3 key elements of a motivational speech

Hi, I am Dirk from Amazings. Besides creating all sort of stuff with LEGO bricks, I also talk about them.

You might wonder why.

Well, on the one hand I have this other career as a comedian. If you have been on stage for over 25 years, you kind of have this urge to share stories with others ...on stage. Secondly, many people ask me all sort of questions on what it is like to combine two of the craziest jobs in the world: being a professional LEGO builder, and being a professional comedian.

I still remember my first motivational speech. It was... good, but really not that good. Because I thought I had to put in a lot of management stuff that I had no real first hand experience with. 

1. Use real examples

So the first trick about a good motivational speech: use real examples. A good motivational speech is more of a testimonial than a series of tricks. An audience values authenticity more than good ideas. 

2. Keep the twinkle in your eyes

A second trick is: keep the twinkle in your eyes. A joke here and there is fine. Even if you talk about how your numbers went down and why, it's OK to look at things from the bright side. I mean, you want to motivate, right ?

3. Respect your audience

And finally, show respect for your audience. OK, they come to listen to you. That sure feels good. But although your story may be about you, you are telling it to THEM. They should be the ones that leave the room in high spirits. So it's actually more about them than about you.

3 key elements of a motivational speech

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