How to build architectural scale buildings?

At Amazings, we love building architecture models. Of course we do. Probably 90% of LEGO builders all over the world are very much into this – and we’re pretty sure close to 100% of LEGO builders started building houses as a kid.

So how do we approach the matter ?

A lot depends on the client we build the model for. How much space does he or she have available ? That will define the scale we can use. If the client’s building is 80 meters long and 40 meters wide, and he has a space available of 1 meter x 0,5 meter for the model, it is obvious the scale should be 1:100. That gives you an 80cm x 40cm model, which allows for some space around the LEGO model. You want that space, just like when taking a picture of someone’s head, you want some space between the edges of the head and the frame.

A second point you want to take into account: don’t I want this in minfigure scale ? Because the LEGO minifigs are so cute, they can really bring a model to life. So then it will depend on the client: what does he/she want the model for ? Can’t they free some more space (a minifig is at scale 1:45 to 1:50) for the model ?

Maybe you can trick away some floors and windows on the model (actually, that is exactly what we did in the small scale version of the Hilton Paris Opera).

It also can be very useful to try to climb into the head of the architects that actually built the real building. Most buildings have repetitiveness: floors are repeated, apartments are identical modules with a slight variation rather than all different, and with supporting pillars at equal distances from each other. Finding those regularities, and matching them to a round number of LEGO knobs, will simplify your build a lot !

Finally, the trick with recreating architecture with LEGO bricks usually is not so much about “how will I incorporate this detail” but ”what can I omit without losing the building’s soul” ?

If you know how to do all the above, well, maybe try to come and work for us some time!


Dirk Denoyelle from Amazings

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