Elton is coming, and Amazings is going !

Sir Elton John is coming to Antwerp, and my family bought me tickets. 3 years ago. I was anxious then, I am anxious now. I’m one of those people that feels more comfortable on stage, than in the audience. So I hardly ever go to concerts. But Elton John is, together with Billy Joel, my all time favorite. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a chat with him. I’ve had the privilege to talk to many of my Belgian and Dutch heroes, and almost always the bond was immediate. But in a few rare cases, the encounter turned out to be a disapointment. So with Elton… He’ll probably have to stay the Hero he is in my head :-)

Then again, over 20 years ago, Elton John was one of the first people I built with LEGO bricks. I would be fun to find out if he likes this portrait of his -in the meantime younger - self.

Anyway: Elton, I’m coming, let’s both enjoy the concert (as will the thousands of other fans)

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