Discover 'The Mermaid' and more in book-themed exhibition in library of Beernem

Dirk Denoyelle is known for adding jokes or twists to his art work. When he first got the idea to make a small exhibit about books and authors, he already envisaged a model that would show two aspects of the same idea, when seen from different angles. He implemented this idea before in mosaics using the famous 'cheese wedge' technique. But for this exhibit, he wanted a full 3D version. And so arose the “Mermaid”: from one angle it’s Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid; but turned 90 degrees it becomes a portrait of Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish Fairy Tale Writer that created her.

The Mermaid is now, together with some twenty other art pieces that have a link with books and literature, on show at the Beernem Library, close to Bruges.

Amazings @ Brick Tales: kunst met LEGO blokjes in Beernem


🗓  When: 1 July until 4 November 2023

📍 Where: C. Marichalstraat 1, 8730 Beernem

💶  Price: Free

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