Play Your Part: "Comedy, Masks, and a Good Cause in Brussels

End of September 2023 Dirk was invited to contribute to the “Play your Part” event in “Hof ter Musschen” at the outskirts of Brussels. It was a Masquerade Gala fund raising event. The cause: the renovation of the Warehouse Studio Theatre' in Schaarbeek where many of the English speaking theatre groups in Brussels have found refuge over the years.

Dirk 'played his part' with a 20-minute routine explaining Belgium and the Belgians to an audience of American, Irish, English, Canadian, Spanish, … even Belgian spectators. And of course it was a great success. I mean, let’s be honest, who can suppress a smile when being confronted with the Belgian State Structures 😃

A big thank you to Tanya Arler for the invite, and the wonderful people at “my” table for a superb evening !

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