Dirk popped by national Belgian Radio (2)!

We are happy to announce that Dirk popped up on national Belgian Radio (2) again. He was the guest comedian in the popular Morning Talk Show “De Weekwatchers”, with some hilarious comments the past week’s funnier bits of news, and on central guest Evy Gruyaert and talkshow host Ruben Van Gucht.

In his act “Meetings Made Memorable” Dirk actually does this a lot: in between speakers at management conferences and events, he gives funny comments on what speakers just said in order to both make the meeting … memorable, and to make sure the audience keeps paying attention - all while staying in a great mood :-)

Amazings at your professional event?

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We've got just what you are looking for: Dirk Denoyelle, an experienced speaker and host with an irresistible charisma. Dirk can be booked as a "Master of Ceremony" in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. 

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